Sea of Faith, Yorkshire


Programme for 2017

Sat 8 April       Nicholas Bielby introduces Steven Pinker's book 'The Better Angels of our Nature'
                          - arguing that levels of violence are DEcreasing in society

Sat 10 Jun        Sharing our Latest Inspirations - at Settle Quaker Meeting House

Sat 9 Sept       "Are God and Nature then at strife?"  A late Victorian Quaker wrestles with 
                      challenges to religious faith posed by Darwinian science.' Joanna Dales will share 
                      some of her Ph.D. research on the non-theism of J W Graham

Sat 4 Nov         Believing Scientists -  Carol Sherrard will open discussion on what seems (to her)
                     the strange phenomenon of scientists with belief in the supernatural.  

All dates are Saturdays, the sessions opening at 1.30 for 2pm. Apart from the 10 June meeting at Settle, all sessions will be in the Heart Centre, Bennett Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3HN (in the Granby Room, ground floor usually - but check in Reception on the day).
The Heart Centre is a very pleasant venue with its own very good cafe.  Directions to the Heart Centre