Sea of Faith, Yorkshire


Autumn 2008

Programme Update 2008

All our meetings are on Saturdays, opening at 1.30pm for 2pm start, with drinks provided

22 November in YORK

"Does Jesus matter any more?"

Discussion to be led by David Boulton. See below for important details

Venue: Quaker Meeting House

(Friargate, near Clifford’s Tower. There is car parking nearby, but it is usually full and difficult to reach due to extreme traffic congestion in York It is strongly recommended to use the excellent Park & Ride services, or public transport)

Does Jesus Matter Any More?

David Boulton

David Boulton is a Quaker and passionate non-theist, for whom God is "no more, but, gloriously, no less than a symbol of the wholly human values... mercy, pity, peace and love". He is an accomplished broadcaster, journalist and author, formerly Head of Current Affairs, Arts and Religion at Granada TV. He was Editor of "World in Action", winning the Royal Television Society's medal "for creative services to broadcasting".

David currently writes on radical theology and Quaker history, his books including 'In Fox's Footsteps' (1998), 'Gerrard Winstanley and the Republic of Heaven' (1999), 'The Trouble with God' (2003), 'Godless for God's Sake' (2006), and most recently 'Who on Earth was Jesus? - The Modern Quest for the Jesus of History'. (His book 'Godless for God's Sake' gives us the intriguing information that there are more 'non-believers' among Quakers than there are in the population at large)

On Saturday 22nd November David will be speaking and leading discussion on the question 'Does Jesus Matter Any More?" from 2pm in the Friends Meeting House, Friargate (near Clifford's Tower), York. The event is organised by the Yorkshire Sea of Faith Group, but all are welcome.


" David Boulton is a highly entertaining writer, with a great gift of being funny and serious at once. You'll love it!" Don Cupitt, Fellow, Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

"Will make sense to a lot of people who might describe themselves as lapsed atheists, doubtful about Christian doctrine but believing that there must be more to life than a purely materialist journey concerned solely with survival, sufficiency and self-aggrandisement. I recommend it to all who, whatever their personal faith may be, think deeply about the meaning of our existence and want to be stimulated and refreshed" Tony Benn, former Cabinet minister


If you are travelling from outside York, it is far easier to use public transport, or to use one of the excellent 'Park and Ride' services, than struggling to find a parking space. York is exceptionally busy, and even more so on Saturdays.