Sea of Faith, Yorkshire


Saturday 15 September 2012 DAVID BOULTON

          "God language: potent poetry or a dead end?"

David Boulton is a Quaker and passionate non-theist, for whom God is "no more,
but, gloriously, no less than a symbol of the wholly human values... mercy, pity,
peace and love". He is an accomplished broadcaster, journalist and author,
formerly Head of Current Affairs, Arts and Religion at Granada TV. He was
Editor of "World in Action", winning the Royal Television Society's medal "for
creative services to broadcasting".

David currently writes on radical theology and Quaker history, his books
including 'In Fox's Footsteps' (1998), 'Gerrard Winstanley and the Republic of
Heaven' (1999), 'The Trouble with God' (2003), 'Godless for God's Sake' (2006),
and most recently 'Who on Earth was Jesus? -The Modern Quest for the Jesus
of History'.